Legal Status: Limited Liabilty Company

Date of Establishment: November, 1991

D/36 Vixen Close, Community 18
P. O. Box CO 1840, Tema, Ghana

Experience has shown over the decades that societies are not limited to things physical or spatial and economic, but also include social, institutional and structural dimensions.

Care is, therefore, being taken currently to approach developmental issues with integrative, mutually supportive and inter-sectoral strategies. It is in recognition of this current approach to development, which includes the need for good governance, research and advocacy, infrastructure planning/management as well as capacity building particularly human and institutional capacity development, that PAB Development Consultants Ltd (PAB Consult) was born.

PAB Consult firmly believes that account should be taken of the natural, economic, social, institutional, political and spatial systems operative in the project environment and the nation as a whole.

By this stance, PAB Consult is committed to the holistic improvement in the standard of living and the quality of life of beneficiaries of interventions, by ensuring that public institutions are strengthened to enable them stimulate or facilitate growth in the private sector of the economy.

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